Wildlife at Ardencote


Wildlife at Ardencote...

While you may not see ‘herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain’ during your visit to Ardencote, there is a rich and varied wildlife which you may be lucky enough to encounter…

We have a fully functioning badger sett tucked away in the recesses of our Estate which is the occasional home to badger family- the itinerant omnivores thrive on the diet of earthworms and our abundant hedgerow berries.

Muntjac and roe deer are regularly seen quenching their thirst from the fountain outside the Manor House in the hazy dawn light. Early risers in the Spring time may also witness the amazing pugilistic spectacle of local hares holding their annual boxing matches.

Through the trees...

Early morning racing enthusiasts will also be able to see the local racing stable putting their Racehorses through their paces on the adjoining mile-long gallops.

Often during the Autumn and Winter months an early morning mist envelopes Ardencote- through the eerie silence you will be able to hear the distinctive drumming of thoroughbred hooves pounding the turf.

Be prepared to have your binoculars and stopwatch at the ready!

We are extremely fortunate to be situated close to farmland where diversity abounds- from lambs frolicking in the Spring to the mournful bellowing of Long-horn Cattle in the neighbouring meadows, it isn’t only our wildlife which helps create that special rural ambience.


An ever-changing delight...

Having planted over 4000 indigenous trees on the Estate, the birdlife at Ardencote is an ever-changing delight which you may experience: the excited chatter of starlings feasting on the Morello cherry trees in Summertime, swallows swooping over the lakes and ponds collecting may-fly to feed their chicks, Lesser & Greater spotted woodpeckers have recently been joined by the rarer Green woodpecker in their drilling chorus are all true highlights.

Warwickshire Raptors, aka Buzzards, regularly surf the thermals high above the grounds, causing great consternation amongst the Jackdaw population which nest in the Manor House rooftops. Intriguing aerial battles take place if the Buzzards become too inquisitive.

The 3 acre lake is a wildlife haven in its own right, proving a feeding ground for Grey Herons, Mute Swans, Canada & Greylag Geese, Mallards, tufted ducks all helping to create a rich tapestry of birdlife which is quite captivating if you have the chance to be captivated.


Avian Royalty...

Very occasionally you may see a flash of iridescent turquoise & orange plumage swoop for the fry that fringe the lake, and then you suddenly realise that you are very much in the presence of avian royalty.

Ardencote’s ponds, lakes and waterways have long been recognised for conserving habitats of endangered species- Great Crested Newts thrive here, while you may glimpse Pippestrelle bats hoovering up the banquet of insects provided by the lake as night falls.

Finally, Ardencote is home to what one recent guest from Atlanta Georgia described as a Maine Coon – our very own friendly feline which prowls the grounds searching for someone to tickle its tummy.


Our New Residents...

We recently had new arrivals here at Ardencote. This pair of Swans came from a local rescue centre after one was found with an injured wing. After arriving on the weekend of the Royal Wedding they were aptly named Meghan and Harry. The pair are settling in well and are regularly spotted in or around our stunning lake. Make sure you keep an eye out for them when you visit!

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